Do you like cool community chatrooms where we discuss all sorts? Check out our Discord channel here!

Discord Channel Rules:

  1. No spamming
    • An obvious one but if it’s not said then we invite havoc
  2. Be appropriate
    • Leave the NSFW stuff for the NSFW chats and don’t be too much of a dick
  3. Be respectful
    • We all want to have fun but mistreating others will not be tolerated
  4. Try to limit profanity and abuse in voice channels
    • We can filter text but we can’t filter audio, please be courteous of other users
  5. Keep all link sharing and advertising to #link-dump, it’s what it’s there for
    • Feel free to discuss those shared links in the other chatrooms (at a minimum) or private message whoever shares the link if you want more information
    • Do not post links to copyrighted material, including pirated games, movies, books, etc.
  6. Where attaching images is possible keep it SFW
    • unfortunately we can’t filter attachments and instead of disallowing EVERYONE from sharing things we ask you not force inappropriate imagery upon others. If someone wants to see something inappropriate, privately message it to them
  7. Don’t spam or self promote to other members of the server privately unless they have allowed it
    • The last thing you’d want is someone trying to sell you badly boiled brussel sprouts mixed with bleach so be considerate
  8. Patron titles are not Patreon guaranteed rewards – they’re a bonus for recognition
    • Patrons are not above the rules and will be punished in the same manner as everyone else for rule breaking
  9. Everyone must follow the Discord Terms of Service

Now that you’ve read this, shoot us an email at denton[at]turnbasedcomedy.com with [Discord] in the subject or private message Dentonomous or Herao on the Discord to have the full TBC Discord unlocked for you!

Please note: if you feel someone is breaking one of the above rules, please speak with a moderator in purple before bringing it to the attention of a TBC Staff member. As much as we love to micromanage everything, our main focus is on making videos and growing our channel. We would like to leave moderating to the moderators unless we must get involved.