Dentonomous Weekly Update – 2017 Week 1

So as discussed in Pokemon FireRed race I’m going to be doing weekly (when I remember) updates on any kind of exciting things I get up to (omitting any and all recording schedule details because that may potentially spoil things), so here goes.

New Years Day I was hungover with only an hours worth of sleep and catching a flight at 8:30am to Melbourne (Australia, not California) to do the holiday rounds with inter-state family. Ended up doing a bunch down there – saw a car show, ate a lot of food, saw a picture of Leia holding a baby Yoda, laser tag, shopping in stores I’d never heard of cause we don’t have them locally or they’re incredibly sparse and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten. But it was a good way to spend half a week.

Then I came back and had my final uni submission, drinks with friends to celebrate the end of university and a hell of a boring weekend at work.

All in all, a decent start to a new year and now I have so much free time it’s ridiculous.